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Eppicard Log In, Child Support and Unemployment Benefits:

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Eppicard, eppicard fl, eppicard tx, eppicard ms, eppicard pa, Indiana: Eppicard is the combined project of Department of Human Services-DHS, Child Care Assistance Programme-CCAP, and Divison of Rehabitation Services-DRS of the Nation. Eppicard is nothing but a prepaid debit card which can be used to shop and pay the bills online and offline.Eppicard can also be used for Child Support and unemployment Benefits.

If you want to apply Eppicard then this will be the perfect place.Here in this article we provide you the clear information on Eppicard, How To Apply For New Eppicard? How To Register or Activate Eppicard? How To Sign In Eppicard? How To Log In Eppicard? How To Reset Forgot Password of Eppicard? What are the Benefits of Eppicard? and Details of Eppicard Customer Service Number?

Eppicard Complete Guide:

Eppicard is the online prepaid debit card, which will be mainly helpful for the one who is unemployee or the one who is running a child support.Eppicard services are available in 23 states of the country.Eppicard is similar to  ATM card, where the user can use for shopping and even to withdraw cash from ATM.Eppicard is accepted wherever all Visa and Master cards are accepted for payments.

Eppicard have limited the withdrawl of cash from ATM.As per the guidelines given by Eppicard, Withdrawl of Cash from ATM's will depend on the Deposits done in particular account.Yes, if the user receives a deposit for one time then they can have one free withdrawl.As the deposits in the account increases free withdrawls in ATM will increase automatically.

After completion of free ATM withdrawl or Balance Enquiry, Charges applied accordingly.
For Each Withdrawl - $1.35
For Each Balance Enquiry - $0.50
For Insufficient Funds - $0.50
Charges Applied To Transfer Money To Another Bank Account - $1.50
To Replace Old Card With New One - $ 4
All International Transactions - $ 3

How To Register Eppicard:

Eppicard services are available in 23 states of the country, Mainly in the states like Texas (eppicard tx) , Mississippi, Florida (eppicard fl), Massachusetts (eppicard ms) and Pennsylvania (eppicard pa).Every state provides a Customer Toll free Number to know more about eppicard benefits and Eppicard log in for all it's users.
Once the user receives Eppicard, it doesn't take much time to register or activate your Eppicard.Just follow the simple steps given below.
  • Visit
  • On the middle of the official screen you can see a box
  • Select State Name
  • Click on Continue
  • On the Left side of screen you can see User Id Box.
  • Below User ID You can See " New User "
  • Click on New User
  • Enter all the empty fields on the page
  • Click on Submit
  • Registration Successsfull, a confirmation email will be sent to your email.

Eppicard Log In, Step By Step Process To Log In  Eppicard:

Once you are done with the registration of Eppicard, you wil be eligible to Log in Eppicard and start using benefits offered by it.
  • Visit
  • On the Left side of the screen you can see Log in Box
  • Enter User ID
  • Click on Log In
  • In the new page Enter Your Password
  • Click on Log in
  • You will be directed to your Eppicard Account.

Reset Eppicard Forgot Password:

Their is no problem, even if the user forgot their eppicard log in password.One can Reset Password with in no time.Follow the step by step process given below.
  • Visit
  • On left side of the screen you can find Log in Box
  • Below Log in You can find " Forgot Password "
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • You can see two empty fields on the screen
  • Enter Card Number
  • Enter CVV
  • Click on Submit
  • Your recovery password will be sent to your Email or Mobile Number.


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