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MyThdhr Check Your Home Deopt ScheduleAre you a Newely  joined employee of  "Home Depot" and want to know completely about Home Depot official schedule site and plan your monthly schedules by Using it, but getting confused.

            Don't worry this is the perfect platform where you can clearly know about, How To Log in How to Plan Your Schedule at Mythdhr your Schedule? How To Check your Schedule at  mythdhr ? Employee discounts?  pay Statements? and Mythdhr Registration? is the best site to plan your monthly schedule.It also allows the user to check the pay statements and employee discounts offered by Home Depot.So don't be late Login Mythdhr and avail all the benefits that offered to you. Login Guide:

Home Depot is one of the leading Retailing Industries of the Nation.It was initially started in the year 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank and Pat Farra with it's headquarters at Marietta, Georgia, United States.Home Depot services is available in all most all parts of the country and also in few parts of Canada and Mexico.Home Depot mainly deals with all Home Appliances, Hardware Appliances, Tools, Buliding Material, Plumbing Materials, Flooring Materials, Garden Supplies and Plants.

Home Depot have have more than 2,000 stores all over the nation and 300 stores in Mexico and Canada.Nearly 3,80,000 employees are working under the roof of Home Depot.Total Annual revenue of Home depot is $ 84 Billions (USD).

Home Depot is the employee friendly organisation where the employee will be given lots of benefits and discounts.Home Depot have specially designed mythdhr to know about the employee benefits, Schedule the events and Check the pay statements of the employee.All the employee need to do is log in. Log in:

All the employees of Home depot will be aware of ,mythdhr is the site where the home depot employees can clearly know about their benefits, Discounts, Pay statements and Plan their monthly schedule.
By just Log in with account employee can know about all the benefits that offered to them.It is very easy to log in account, follow the step by step process given below.

  • Every user of Home Depot will be given User Id and Password while joining.Use the User ID and Password to log in
  • Search
  • You will be Navigated to Official Site
  • On the Top Left of the Screen you can see "YourSchedule"
  • Click on it
  • You will be taken to next page
  • Here Enter Store Code
  • Enter Username
  • Enter Password and
  • Click on Sign in
  • You will be straight away directed to your Account
  • Here You can Manage your Account Plan Your Schedule:

Once you are done with the sign in process you can manage your account and plan your schedule.It is quite simple to plan your monthly schedule at follow the instructions given here and plan your monthly schedule.

  • Open
  • Clik On Your Schedule
  • Finish the Sign in Process
  • You will be Navigated to your Account Page

Here You can plan your Schedule in three different ways as follows
1.When You are Required to be on Duty Next?
2.How Many Hours You will be Working in given duration of time?
3.When You will be Off Duty?
Fill all the details asked over their and click on Plan My Schedule
Your Monthly Schedule will Finalised and you can work as per your choice.

mythdhr Employee Benefits:

Home Depot gives lot of employee benefits to all it's currently working employees and also former emoployees.Any one can check the employee benefits that offered by Home depot and can claim the benefits if they are eligible for that.
Generally Home depot Offers many Benefits to its employee based on the category they are working for.Few of the employee benefits are as follows.

  1. Health Benefits,
  2. Medical Benefits
  3. Dental Benefits
  4. Vision Benefits
  5. Accidental and Death Benefits
  6. Insurance Benefits
  7. Future Builder 401 (k) plan
  8. Home Owner Benefits
  9. Life Insurance
  10. Back up dependent care.

To know clearly about the benefits offered by home depot, log on to and check your eligibility for the benefits.If you are eligible for the Benefit claim it immediately. Pay, View Pay Statements:

By using the pay option in the employee account.Employee can check the complete details of the payment that they are going to get and the reason for the deduction of money and many more.Just log in and know about your pay details and generate a pay roll for it.
Employee can also know the detailed history about.
  • Accessing Pay Statements
  • Setting Up Direct deposit
  • Setting Up Pay Roll Card Functionally.
  • Change Pay Deductions

Just Log In mythdhr account and know complete details of your pay.


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